Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Benefits of PSEO

Postsecondary Enrollment Options give ambitious high school students a unique opportunity. Providing the challenge and advancement of college courses, PSEO classes allow high school Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors an unparalleled jump-start on their college education for an unimaginable cost to the growing number of broke college students- free!

Explore the World Beyond:
Thousands of Minnesota High School students enroll in college-level courses delivered via postsecondary enrollment options each year, earning themselves advanced placement in their academic standings. Achieving dual credits vital to both the high school and college experience, PSEO courses challenge high school students at a college level of academia, and provide a beneficial introduction to collegiate level expectations.

Taught by college professors- often within a college campus- high school students can experience the academic triumphs of advanced learning while easing their way into future college careers and exploring academic and career possibilities. PSEO classes offer students a free opportunity to study topics outside the scope of high school level curriculum. They also challenge those feeling confined by traditional high school courses and provide a glimpse into life beyond the walls of high school.

Maximize the High School Years:
Completing the same coursework as college students and graded using the same standards, PSEO students receive a college transcript upon completion of PSEO courses which can later be transferred to other public and private colleges as credits already earned. During a nine month school year, the typical full time college student enrolls in an average of 30 credits, at an average cost of around $254.00/credit when attending an in-state public college. Out-of state costs average upwards of $654.00/credit,, and private four-year colleges come in at a staggering $910.00/credit . It is easy to see how quickly PSEO classes can safe a student a huge amount of money. Some students even achieve enough credits to complete an Associate's degree before entering their college years!

Available to most students of public, private, and chartered high schools as well as home-schooled students, postsecondary enrollment courses can offer both on-campus learning opportunities as well as online classes. Some classes may even be offered within the walls of the student’s own high school. With countless options at no cost to students, PSEO courses not only add variety to a high schooler's experience, but concrete value in the form of free college credits funded through the Minnesota Department of Education.

From science and math courses to english and creative writing, PSEO classes present college level learning opportunities and academic advancement to eligible high school students at no cost, and Minnesota State Community and Technical College is the perfect place to begin your journey into postsecondary opportunities. To partner with M State in PSEO endeavors is to partner in success, support, and superior learning opportunities, all while making the very most of your high school experience. We can't wait to be a part of your early success!