Friday, May 15, 2015

How Technology Has Changed Education

m blog.jpgToday’s Technology
College students today have a lot to be thankful for. Technology has made the pursuit of knowledge simpler and more accessible. Also, communication itself has come a very long way, because content is updated almost immediately. Students have access to nearly unlimited resources to answer any question they may have. However, in order to truly understand technology’s impact, one needs to start from the beginning.

The Beginning of the Internet
When the internet was first established, it was used to send collegiate articles across college campuses. Students were able to search through these directories in order to find information relevant to their schoolwork. Since then, the internet has gained more networks, and more content has been added. Individuals were then able to build their own sites, and communicate through online chats.

With more and more individuals with the ability to share content, technology itself became more and more powerful. Megabytes became gigabytes, and cell phones became smartphones. Technology boomed, and new careers emerged. With its advancement, education and technology have worked hand in hand to provide students with more opportunities for knowledge growth.

The Coursework
So, how has technology affected schoolwork? Students now have a variety of assignments they can pick from. Forget essays written on college ruled paper, now blog posts and Facebook updates have become acceptable forms of assessment. Social media as a whole has brought about several new features that educators can use to help their students better understand content.

YouTube has been a remarkable asset for modern day educators. With videos from all around the world, teachers can share relatable content that’s both fun and knowledgeable. Due to its ease of access, students can go back on their own time to re-watch the videos in case information was missed. Students can also upload their own videos as a way of demonstrating to their teacher they fully understood the content.

Online Schooling
One of the biggest impacts technology has made on education is the ability to learn online. Many colleges, including M State Moorhead, now have a variety of online courses. M State even has eCampus, which is an entirely online college campus. Instructors communicate with their students by email, video chats, and a plethora of other ways. Moreover, these students are now able to work school into their schedule as opposed to working around it.

Technology Creates Jobs
Not only has technology open the doors for education, but it has also broadened an individual’s career search. Companies are now actively seeking workers that are tech savvy and up-to-date on today’s trends. In fact, new jobs are being created today for technology that wasn’t even invented ten years ago.

m blog 2.jpgThe health field has taken huge strides thanks to technology, and is always seeking graduates that are able to comprehend its complicated machines. Thanks to social media, almost every company has an individual dedicated to increasing their online presence. Businesses look for writers to publish company blogs, and they hire IT specialists to ensure every network is in working order.

The Future of Technology
Nobody knows exactly where technology is headed, you can guess that it’ll continue to grow. At M State Moorhead, we prepare our students with the most up to date standards of education. Considering how omniscient technology’s growth can be, we want you to feel as though you’re ready to adapt to new changes. Check out our program options today, and get prepared for your future.