Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring into the Summer

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Spring is here, and that means the end of the semester is near. Unfortunately for some, that also means a lot of planning. Many students will be nearing the end of their college careers, and some are unsure of what steps they should be taking. Luckily, we are here to help.

There are many paths you can take upon the conclusion of your spring semester. Some paths may be searching for a potential job opening, others may be looking for a summer internship. Perhaps you may not be in college at all, but you would like to enroll. Whatever you may be thinking, the key is to properly plan ahead. So, here are our tips to help you with your summer plans.

Job Searching
linkedin.jpgIf this is your last year in school, then you may want to begin searching for job openings or internships in your field of study. There are several ways to go about searching for these openings. One way is going through your school’s job postings. Several business and corporations will release openings to colleges in which they have established relationships with. Be sure you ask your professors if you are unsure of how to find these openings.

Another great way to search for openings is through online job searching sites. LinkedIn has grown astronomically since its induction, and many businesses throughout the country use it. If you are planning on looking for a job or internship outside of your college’s area, than you will want to use sites like this. Others include Monster or Indeed.

Applying During Summer

At this point, you may have missed the opportunity to apply to most universities and four-year schools. However, many community colleges offer later admission for individuals interested in furthering their education. If you find yourself wanting to pursue a college degree, then you will want to contact the college’s office of admissions. These numbers can be found online on each individual college website.

What are your Summer Plans?
Whatever plans you may have for your summer, M State Moorhead wants to be a part of it. If you have been planning to further your education then look no further than our many campuses across the state. No matter what your intended path may be, we are happy to provide you with the foundation you need. Become a Spartan, and contact M State.